New from Milan Records. Des Chansons Qui Nous Ressemblent (Les Chansons De Jacques Prevent – Vol. 2)

Travel in time with „Chansons de Jacques Prevert”

„We should try to be happy, just to give an example” said Prévert.

He tried to give this example in his songs; narrative songs, without tricks, where spontaneity takes over.An authentic ode to life, where a variety of feelings are developed: melancholy, anxiety, anger, sadness or tenderness.Some feelings above all humans, which made the songs even more lively.

The originality of Prévert was to portray his everyday life in songs, in a simple manner or rather fantasist, but always so we can relate to it. The language is common, sometimes poetic, but every piece is borrowed from a certain dream which makes us travel in time. These are poems set to music, accompanied by accordions, violons or pianos, and performed by artists who give us their sensitivity. These artists make the tracks more alive : the Frères Jacques who assigns their choirs to different plays, Marianne Oslwad who chants her lyrics or Juliette Gréco who almost talks to us.

A journey in a world where no one is left behind and where everything is possible : we can easily imagine the street children, lovers, pretty women and a bright sunshine.

„What a wonderfull world”  sang Yves Montand back then.

Press material by Milan Records