Sofa Surfing 28 – December 2017


  1. Manu Delago — Mesmer Mesmerising
    feat. Isa Kurz, Tru Thoughts
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  2. Yellowhead — Weather Spirits,
    56 Stuff
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  3. Yves Simon — Amazoniaque
    (La decadanse edit), La Decadanse
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  4. Meeting By Chance — Snail,
    Apollo Records
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  5. Radio Citizen — Kein Planet,
    Sonnar Kolektiv
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  6. Manu Delago — A Step
    feat. Pete Josef Chamber, Tru Thoughts
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  7. Jason Hill — Wendy Suite,
    Milan Music
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  8. Daniel Hart — Safe Safe Safe,
    Milan Music
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Tomasz Ciemiorek
VIP Taxi
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Big thanks to all the labels and artists who support the show!